Be a beautiful woman, start with a bra

Fashion has always been respected, the perfect woman begins with choosing underwear. Amy girls like their body sexy and beautiful, how to do it? Originally, everything was not so difficult. Choosing a fit underwear is one of the secret tips.

In many people’s understanding, if the perspective ultra-thin model is not a love dessert between lovers, it is also a patent of the full-bodied goddess, but the fashion master has to tell you that as long as the chest shape is relatively abundant, there is no water droplet that has undergone fertility deformation or good maintenance. The chest shape, the thin section of the temptation is no less than the heartbeat burst table triggered by the small inner inside of the balcony of the neighboring house.

Look at all kinds of fashion magazines, mainly push the U-shaped straps with more than three buckles. The wind generally dominates fashion and fashion. It seems that because of the widening of the straps, the chest shape can suddenly burst out. I ask girls who have no breast milk and have a medium chest. Is the widening of practical value not hot when the temperature rises?

Wide back bandwidth side, it is obvious that this is designed for excess flesh. For the breast type is not a device, the girl who is not a small breast is said that the widened side and strap can assist in the complete visual transfer of fat, wearing sleeveless The straps and straps will no longer be lost for the vice milk.

Gathering can really make the chest look plump, which is equivalent to the effect of extrusion. It is like a dream back to the Tang Dynasty. The design of the lifting from the lower bust is not only to collect the vice milk into the cup, but also to bring the gravity of the earth. There is no chance to sag slightly, and it is full until it overflows.

Three-quarter cups without sponges and stampers are only suitable for busty girls above B cups, and whether it is because the summer is getting closer and closer, to cool down, just look at the natural rhythm that sways with the body Can be clear, there is really no difference between mat and pad.

It seems that every growing girl has experienced the awkwardness of the shoulder straps of the painted underwear, so that after adulthood, she is particularly concerned about the traces of underwear, especially the taste of fashion, and the underwear has almost become a hot day. Indispensable elegance needs.

A new concept of healthy living, the breast is a fragile component, it is not suitable for squeezing and should not be restrained. It is best to use the lover’s hands to gently lift from the back. It seems that the steel ring has to be discarded a lot, only the fabric The stamper fits the chest and only lifts it without squeezing it. Natural comfort can achieve fullness.

If it is not a special need, the healthy underwear view will definitely not choose silica gel, but from another point of view, the soft adhesion of silica gel and the skin intimate fit effect is really good, but the premise is clear, the chest type is too large and excessive sagging Fashion girls please choose carefully.